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Student Visa for Studying Abroad

To enter the country of your choice to pursue an international education, you must own a student visa. A student visa and passport are official documents that need to be carried along with your university application. In addition to it, a student visa has an expiry date depending upon the degree and type of visa.

Student Visa Requirements

The relevant requirements must be met in order to acquire a student visa. When you are applying for a student visa, keep these requirements into account.

  • University acceptance letter
  • Financial proof
  • Health assessment
  • Personal statement 
  • Language tests (TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT)
  • A valid passport
  • Recent passport size photos
  • Completed student visa application form
  • Personal statement

Types of student visa

For each country, the student visa varies and they have different types of student visas according to the study program and their destination. 

  • Australia has five different types of student visa
  • New Zealand has three types of student visa
  • The USA has three types of student visa

When should you apply for a student visa?

You can apply for a student visa once you have received a letter of acceptance from your university. It is better not to take time while applying for a student visa since the visa process will take some time depending on the country you choose. It is also best to plan ahead according to your study abroad program commencement date.

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